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Sparring Concepts

Defensive Stop Techniques
Defensive Stop Techniques - technniques designed to stop an attack by striking the opponent in the middle of their distance closing movement.

Setting Up Multiple Kicks
Setting Up Multiple Kicks - how to use other techniques to make your multiple kicks more effective.

Setting Up Kicks with Punches
Setting Up Kicks with Punches - how to use punching techniques to make your kicks more effective.

Defending Against the Side Kick
Defending Against the Side Kick - defensing and counter offensive techniques against the Side Kick.

Defending Against the Round Kick
Defending Against the Round Kick - defensing and counter offensive techniques against the Round Kick.

Movement - How to use movement offensively and defensively while sparring.

Using Pulling Kicks
Using Pulling Kicks - how to set up and using pulling kicks in your sparring.

The Punch Blitz
The Punch Blitz - several blitzes designed to attack with hand techniques from a kicking distance.

Short Range Boxing Drills
Short Range Boxing Drills - How to block and counter at short distances.

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